OLS KY 2017 Registration Open!
By Member Nick Russell
September 21, 2017

Registration for OLS is open! Wee look forward to seeing you there.


Brian will guide us through the course that looks at 3 case studies at buildings such as ho-tels, mid-rise apartments, and stores such as Target, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. as well as mid-rise, big box firefighting tactics and command. This course uses simulations on realistic building with YOUR staffing levels and policies. This class is designed for the small to medium size fire departments.


Provide the newly promoted company officer the leadership skills and confidence to manage his/her company responding to alarms, operating at roadway incidents, and when their com-pany is first to arrive at fires in private and multiple dwellings, commercial occupancies and vacant and abandoned buildings. Participants will learn that as a newly-promoted company officer, they must accept the reality that they will not affect a wholesale change the culture of their fire department.
One of the most challenging and stressful times in a firefighter's career is the transition from firefighter to company officer. When a fire officer retires a fire department loses years of practical experience. Many fire departments, including mine, are losing experienced officers at an alarming rate with an increase in retirements and replacing veterans with relatively in-experienced people.
“I have devoted a large portion of my career to capturing and preserving the experience from veteran officers for future generations. This class combines the lessons learned from veterans with the lessons learned from line of duty death fires and mayday situations to give newly promoted company officers and firefighters who aspire to be company officers the knowledge to manage fire company operations safely and effectively “

Attachment 2017 OLS Brochure Revised 9-12-17.pdf  (3,185k)